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Not sure... But doctor has given me like that... Mox 500 / Cambiflam + Cetzine.

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Q: Can you take cetzine and combiflam together?
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What is Combiflam in Tamil?

Combiflam is called "காம்பிப்லாம்" in Tamil.

Is Cetzine used for sore throat?

No cetzine is anti allergic. Sore throat are mostly due to infection and thus some anti biotic would be needed for the same then.

When to use combiflam?

use it

Can phenergan syrup and cetirizine syrup given together for babies?

No. cetzine and phenergen will put babies to sleep. So, it would amount of double dosage. Both are given for cold. cetzine is for allergy cold whereas phenergen is associated with nausea and vomiting and fever. However, it is best to consult a paeditrician before administering any medicines to babies.

Is combiflam a pain killer?


What is dosage for cetzine?

My doctor prscribed 10mg. I take it at might for an over secretion of saliva, a side effect of chemo. I'm wondering if I can also take another 10mg dosage during the day?

What is cetzine used for?

I'm guessing you means Cetirizine Antihistamine... seasonal allergies and such

What should you take for a fever?

One can take a pain killer(analgesics) for fever. Paracetamol can serve the purpose for mild fever. Combiflam is stronger drug and can treat severe fever.

How many combiflam tablets can be taken in one day?


Is Combiflam a banned drug outside India and what is the reason of it?

Combiflam is an over the counter medication which treats colds and flu. It is not a banned drug in most countries outside of India for the reason that it is generally harmless.

What is the best dosage for Combiflam?

2 per day with the gap of 8-10 hrs. DURING excessive pain dont take more 4 tablets a day.

What is the best for fever and headache?

combiflam is best medicine for fever , headache and body pain.