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Q: Can you take cephalexin and metronidazol together?
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Can you take cephalexin and Strattera together?

Yes, Cephalexin and Strattera can be taken together. Cephalexin is just an antibiotic and will have no effect on the Strattera.

Can you take cipro and cephalexin together?

can you takr both cipro and cephalexin together both are 500 mg

Can you take cephalexin and lithium together?

lithium and cephialexin can you take these together

Can you take Zyrtec and cephalexin together?

Yes you can.

Can you take zicam and cephalexin and sulfamethoxazole together?

Cephalexin and sulfamethoxazole can not be taken together, irrespective of zicam. Cephalexin is bacteriocidal and all sulfa drugs including sulfamethoxazole are bacteriostatic.

Can you take osetamivir toghter with cephalexin?

Yes. They can be taken together.

Can you take cephalexin 500 mg with alka-seltzer night time cold medicine?

Alka_Seltzer plus cold and cephalexin 500 mg can I take them together ?

Can you take cephalexin and temazepam together?

Yes, there is no problem in taking those two medications together.

Can you take cephalexin sudaphed and Claritin?

I wouldn't recommend taking sudaphed and claritin together. Taking cephalexin with either would be okay.

Can you take cephalexin and acyclovir together?

I am currently taking both of these drugs. 500mg on the cephalexin 3 times daily and 800mg of the acyclovir 5 times daily and have not noticed anything bad or anychanges in my health that would be considered a side effect

Can you take cephalexin and Benadryl together?

yes they dont interact with each other

Can you take Klonopin with cephalexin?

I guess you mean Kalatopin, the benzodiazepine anit-anxiety drug. Only blood thinner drugs are unsafe to take with cephalexin, its safe to take together cause it's only an antibiotic.

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