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The short answer , yes. The main severe symptoms of Xanax withdrawal is agitation, nervousness, shakiness, muscle spasm and pain , the feeling of skin hypersensitivity, light sensitivity, headache, appetite disturbance and insomnia. The most dangerous threat is a seizure. All of these symptoms were controlled for me by Nembutal a strong barbiturate that was in widespread use in the U.S. only 20 years ago. The indications for barbiturates, Nembutal, Seconal, Amobarbitol, Phenobarbital are used still today for sedation , hypnotic and sleep. In a proper dose ( talk to your doctor) will relieve all symptoms of benzodiazipines. No kidding you can taper very quickly from the benzos whjle taking an adequate dose of barbiturates. A stronger dose may be required at night to overcome insomnia in the first two weeks or so. Then after a maximum of 4 weeks the benzos should be completely stopped and you can then wean off the barbiturates which should be very easy compared to the tapering of benzos which you would have faced over a six month to 1 1/2 year taper without one of the barbitols. ( Note: myself I recommend Nembutol 100mg. X2

every 4 to 6 hrs. for the first week.

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Q: Can you take barbiturates while in benzo withdrawal?
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Can Klonopin help with Suboxone withdrawal or does it just mask the effects?

Klonopin is classified as a benzodiazepine (benzo).1 While benzos do help with opiate withdrawals, they are just as addictive. Try not to take them on a daily basis, or you run the risk of replacing one habit with another. Actually, it is safer to take Suboxone rather than a benzo every day. That is just my opinion. This is mainly because you can get very high on benzos while (as I am sure you know) Suboxone has a "ceiling" effect," which means that you can't really get high off of it.

Can you take xanax while withdrawing from Effexor xr?

Yes, you can. As a matter of fact, my Dr. prescribed me Xanax solely for this purpose. I was on 150mg Effexor XR, and switched to Zoloft. The Xanax was to be used while tapering down the Effexor and then ramping up the Zoloft. The Xanax was a lifesaver dealing with increased anxiety while going through the Effexor withdrawal and waiting for the Zoloft to "kick in". Talk to your Dr., as I'm not one, but I think you'd be fine using the Xanax as a very temporary aid while going through the withdrawal.

Can steroid -dependent asthmatics take barbiturates?


Is lorazepam withdrawal easier than all other benzo withdrawals?

The type of benzo is kind of irrelevant; what matter is how dependent the body is on it. A light user may not have too tough a time dealing with the withdrawal symptoms. For a heavy user however, whether they take lorazepam or clonzepam will not make a significant difference - the withdrawal in either case can be incredibly dangerous if not handled correctly. Benzos are one of the few classes of chemicals (which also includes alcohol!) whose withdrawal effects can kill; not even heroin is that dangerous. If someone is addicted, they should consult a doctor so they can wean themselves off safely.

How long does domicum benzo stay in your systems?

Domicum benzo will stay in your system 3 to 4 days if you do not take it daily. If taken on a daily basis, Domicum benzo will be in your system for 40 days.

Did Elvis Presley take barbiturates when he died?

yes a mixture of of methaqualone, morphine, codeine, and several barbiturates were found in his system at the time of his death.

Can you take Lortab when you are on Zoloft?

yes you can take a narcotic / opiate / benzo with zoloft all compatible

In combination with alcohol barbiturates do not have the potential for severe impairment?

It is never safe to take central nervous system depressants like alcohol and barbiturates in combination. The complications can be severe, and even fatal.

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If you take seroqel will it show up in a drug test as a benzo?

No, because it's not a benzodiazepine.

What type of benzo will make you feel happy?

That is a matter to take up with your doctor not WikiAnswers.

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