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according to -yes

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Q: Can you take allegra and advair together?
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Can you take Zyrtec and allegra together?

can we take zantac, allegra 180 mg and benadryl together

Can you take advaIR diskus and melatonin together?

Yes, a hypothetical patient could use these products together. Read & follow all package labeling. Take Advair only as prescribed.

Can you take advair and Zyrtec d together?

Yes there is no problem in taking claritin D while using Advair pumps.

What happens if you take Sudafed and allegra and benadryl together?

You die.

Claritin and Allegra together?

can a person take claritin at night and allegra in the morning?, without side effects or drug to drug interactions?

Can you take ventolin and advair everyday?

It is absolutely safe to use ventolin and advair together. Advair is an asthma controller medicine that should be taken once in the morning and once in the evening, and never more. If you get short of breath in between you may use your ventolin.

Can you take Sudafed PE and allegra?

If the active ingredient in Allegra on the back of the bottle is the same as the active ingredient on the back of the bottle of sudafed pe, then you should NOT take them together.

Is it safe to take Allegra D and Tylenol Sinus together?

this is a good medication as long as it is not abused and follow the direction carefully

Can you take Allegra and Ibuprofen together?

Yes you can take a pain medication with an allergy medication

Can you take penicillin and Allegra together?

We at Wiki are not sure please try again later.

Can you take allegra with Effexor?

can you take allegra d with effexor and seraquil

Can you TAKE singular with allegra -d together?

Most likely not. However, ask a doctor of a pharmacist