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Yes! Just bring it in it's original carrying case. They will run it through the screener and also will take it to the side to specifically inspect it at a special station at most airports. They are very used to seeing and screening them as so many people, like myself, travel with them. Always take them as carry on items. They are not considered an extra carry-on bag but as a medical necessity.

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Certainly not in North America, and they shouldn't be counted as such anywhere because they are considered medical devices and therefore exempt from carry-on limitations.

But that's a hard argument to win when you're trying to board a plane and some security agent is giving you a hard time. Always have the device labeled with a tag identifying it as a medical necessity. I did a web search on "CPAP luggage tags", got some wording, and printed my own.

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Pretty well all airlines recognize CPAP as a permitted medical device that can be brought on board without a baggage penalty. Not everyone will allow them to be used in flight.

You should try to find a baggage tag that identifies the machine as a CPAP and explains its medical uses. A prescription or "letter of medical necessity" from your doctor may also be helpful.

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Q: Can you take a cpap machine on a plane?
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