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Flexeril (cyclobenzoprine), a muscle relaxant medication, and Aleve (naproxen), a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medication, can safely be taken together. n fact, they are commonly prescribed together for muscle strains.

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Yes you can take a pain reliever and a muscle relaxant together

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Q: Can you take Flexeril after taking 2 Aleve 3 hours ago?
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Can you take flexeril with wine?

is it dangerous to drink wine when taking Flexeril

Can you take mucinex dm while taking Aleve?

Yes, there is no problem in taking those 2 drugs together.

Can you take Aleve for pain when you are taking blood pressure pills?

Not together

Can you take ultram flexeril and Valium together?

NO!!! Flexeril and Ultram can both cause seizures, taking them together will increase the risk. Always , ask your doctor!

Can you take Aleve while on Biaxin?

It is not advisable to take Aleve while taking Biaxin! Aleve contains Naproxen, which is also an anti-inflamitory medication, which combining the two could cause severe liver damage

Can you take Aleve and diazepam together?

Xanax is a prescription benzodiazipam, Aleve is an OTC (over the counter) non-steroidal anti-inflamitory drug taken to relieve pain. You should be able to take these two medicines together, as Aleve does not suppress your respiratory response, and Xanax does. It's best to ask your doctor anytime you're taking prescription medication.

Is it okay to take Aleve-D when taking Strattera?

I did it's all good

Can you take Aleve with Trimacet?

This would be fine to take. Aleve is a NON-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug. It will not interact with the steroids in the triamcinolone. Remember that NSAID drugs are harsh on the stomach. Have some food before taking the Aleve.

You are taking Norvasc and Diovan can you take Aleve?

Aleve might elevate blood pressure. If your bl. pressure isn't well controlled and over or near the limit, you should avoid Aleve.

Can you take Aleve and Aspirin 6 hours apart?

You should wait at least 6 hours after naproxen if you want to take ibuprofen or any other anti-inflammatory drug... The mechanism of action is the same... you won't get any additional benefit by taking ibuprofen before that 6 hours. You'll only have more side effects.

Can you take Aleve while taking zoloft valtrex birth control?

Don't take the Aleve until you check in with the person prescribing the Zoloft. That's the potential drug interaction.

Can you take codeine and flexeril?

Can you take methylprednisolone, flexeril and Tramadol togethter and not get sick.