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Doctors recommend avoiding swimming while you have stitches. You should wait until the wound has healed and the stitches are removed.

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Q: Can you swim if you have stitches in your forehead?
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Should you play football with stitches in your forehead?

It depends what you did to it and how long the stitches have been in but for 95% of injuries if you've already had stitches I wouldn't say longer than a month but I'm not a doctor

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Can you swim at the beach with stitches between your toes if you have had them for a week and a half?

It is not a good idea. The wound should be healed at that point but you still have the stitches creating little punctures in the skin.

I had 476 stitches in my forehead 6 years ago theres tiny hard whiteheads on the scar i cant squeeze and they wont pull out without a severe burning feeling when touched can they still be there?

I suspect you're right about the stitches still being there. Visit your doctor, or the surgeon, and have them check it for you.

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i wouldn't recommend taking him/her for a while... probably bout two weeks or until his/her stitches have healed up

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Can you swim with stitches in your back?

nope cause water can enter your body and infection is highly likely even in salt water and also it is unhygienic for other people swimming

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