Can you still use metrogel if expired?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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You can, but it won't be at full strength and you might not get the results you would expect.

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Q: Can you still use metrogel if expired?
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Can you still use an expired postal order?

If it has expired you cannot use it.

Can you still use metrogel if it is brand new but is past expiration date?

If it is 'brand new', it would not be expired. If you just had the prescription filled and you are positive the date indicates expiration, take it back to the pharmacy for fresh product. They should not be selling you expired medication because it won't be at full strength. You might also report the incident to your state's Professional Licensing department.

Can you still use a moisturizer if it is expired?

can you??

Can you still use expired Noni Juice exp 81707?

No you can't use expired Noni juice.

Can metrogel be used to treat fungus on canine nose?

Metrogel is not an antifungal.

Could you still use aquaphor lotion if its expired?

no dont

You still have 40.00 on a gift certificate why cant you use it?

It expired

Can you still use an expired credit card?

As a drinks coaster maybe. Otherwise no.

If I have expired batteries, are they still safe to use, and if so, will they last as long as ones that are not expired?

If you look at them and they aren't leaking you can use them,but they' will likely not work as long as new batteries would.

Can you use vaginal cream for acne?

Yes, you can use vaginal cream for acne,but only specific types. I use 0.75% metrogel on my face and it works!

Can you use expired theraflu powder?

theraflu powder does it still work after expiration date

Does Metrogel affect birth control?

There are no known drug interactions between Metrogel and hormonal or intrauterine birth control.