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I noticed that the Biolage Normalizing Detangling Solution from Matrix was very similar to Organicure from La Maur Inc. It does have a purfumed odor about it but otherwise the texture seemed to be the same. I do not know if it is intended to be the same product or not.

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Q: Can you still purchase la maur organicure skin scalp hair treatment?
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If you're using an anti dandruff shampoo already but still have lots of issues with flakes, etc. you should probably see your doctor. You might have something other than dandruff as there are fungal infections of the scalp that can cause similar symptoms, or it could be a more severe form of dandruff or psoriasis that requires a prescription strength shampoo/treatment.

Can you use hydrocortisone cream for guttate psoriasis?

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Madam C.J. Walker did not invent the hot comb, as some people do believe. She invent a scalp treatment, that would allow hair to grow back, no matter how damaged it was. Also till this day her products are still sold over the country.

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