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I say deffinately not it affects the baby as well as the mother! It is an illegal drug so what makes it okay for you to smoke it with a fetus inside you?

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Q: Can you smoke marijauna when your pregnant?
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Can marijauna smoke be harmful?


Can minors smoke marijauna?

no, it is still illegal regardless of your age

What type of weed does Sarah Palin smoke?

Presidential Marijauna

What is a marijauna roach?

a marijuana roach is the end of a joint that is left after you smoke it.

At what stage are the flowers ready to be smoked from a marijauna plant?

freshman you dont smoke the flowers you smoke the buds

What percentage of high school students smoke marijauna due to peer pressure?

0% they all wanted to smoke it :)

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cause i just hit a j

How do you clean marijauna out system when 36 weeks pregnant?

If you have private insurance don't worry. But if medical they'll test you and your baby if your Dr. has a reason. Drink lots of water and don't smoke anymore!

You weigh 155 pounds and rarely smoke marijauna you smoke a little bit 10 days ago Will that show up in your system?


After you smoke marijauna why does your lips turn brown?

same reason cigarrett smoke turns you teeth yellow, tar. weed may be wonderful but its not healthy

In what ways is marijauna healthy?

Yes, it is the most healthy thing you can smoke. It is much better than cigarettes or cigars

Can you smoke if your a month pregnant?

You should never smoke when you are pregnant.