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no u cant

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Q: Can you smoke after turning off oxygen tank?
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How do smoke detectors detect smoke?

Smoke detectors detect smoke by not detecting it. They sense not the smoke, but the oxygen levels surrounding it. when the oxygen levels drop, or when smoke replaces the oxygen, the alarm goes off.

Should you turn off the propane gas tank when turning off the pilot on your gas fireplace?

There is no reason why you MUST turn off the tank as well, but if the only appliance supplied by the tank is being turned off for an extended period of time, turning off the tank would be another safety percaution....(lightning strike, break in the line).

How do you change portable oxygen tank?

Transferring the regulator to the fresh tank:While supporting the tank, remove regulator from tank valve of exhausted tank: loosen the "T screw handle" and turn counterclockwise several turns, taking care to prevent the oxygen tank from falling to the ground.Check to be sure that the washer is in place on the inlet of the regulator.Remove white protective seal from the full oxygen tank valve.Slide the regulator over the top of the tank valve and place the two index pins into the two holes in the tank valve. Be sure that the two index pins properly fit into the holes.Turn the "T screw handle" clockwise until snug.Open the tank valve very slowly by turning the tank valve key one full turn counterclockwise.If you hear a leak:Turn the tank valve off and relieve all pressure from the regulator by turning the flow control knob to "2 or 3" and wait for the oxygen flow to stop.Turn the regulator off by turning the flow control knob to "O".While supporting the tank, loosen the "T screw handle" by turning counterclockwise several turns and then remove regulator from tank valve, taking care to prevent the oxygen tank from falling to the ground.Check the washer position and repeat the above procedure. If leak continues call your supplier.

Why does my car smoke after turning off?

This is being caused by some fluid on the engine. You could have an oil leak somewhere and that is what is causing it to smoke only when the car gets turned off.

Why does my kohler riding lawnmower emit white smoke?

Lawn morwer white smoke when starting and again when turning it off. Does this hurt it. Do i need oil

In the Torture Chamber 2 game does turning the Oxygen Control off do anything?

no it doesn't do anything

What happens if sulphur burns in oxygen?

The flame goes green and lots of smoke it let off

What does smoking do to the nails?

If you smoke too long it will cause your nails to start turning black. Then they will eventually rot and fall off.

How do you reduce glare in a fish tank?

try turning off lights in the room close windows they sell covers for the sides of the tank but they block some view of the fish

After driving Car drops all coolant from coolant tank sometimes after turning car off?

check hoses coming from coolant tank by sqeezing may be worn

What would happen if you turned the pump from the fish tank off?

They would die from lack of hygiene and Oxygen.

Can you induce oxygen into water?

Yes. This is commonly done in processing sewage waste, where the material first passes through an anaerobic tank in order to kill off all the aerobic bacteria. It then passes through a aerobic tank, which in turn kills off all the anaerobic bacteria. This tank is vigorously aerated to dissolve air (oxygen) into the material. In a fish tank, a small 'bubbler' is used to induce oxygen into the water for the fish to breathe through their gills.