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I would get nail polish remover without acetone in it.

It helps take out the color, without ruining acrylics or other

false nails. Also it helps protect your real nails as well. Hope this helps.(:

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Q: Can you remove the nail color from silk nails?
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Can silk nails bother your eyes?

Silk nail shouldn't bother your eyes as long as you don't poke your eye with your nail, then it will hurt your eye.

What is the difference between silk wrap and acvrylic nails?

Silk wraps are pieces of artificial silk that are glued to the nails. Acrylics are powdered acrylic that is placed on the nail then cured with ultraviolet light.

How do you remove silk wraps on fingernails?

How do you remove silk wraps on fingernails, will it damage your own natural nails

Can you get a silk fill for acrylic nails?

I'm a nail technician. There is so much you can do with acrylics! You can use silk, lace which is beautiful, or other pretty fabrics as well. Just follow the whole procedure as protocall

How do you remove silk wraps?

To remove silk wraps from your nails immerse them in a bowl of acetone for about 20 mins. You should then be able to clean them off with some cotton wool. Then wash and dry hands and moisturise.

What are the differences between Acrylic Gel and Silk Wrapped artificial nails?

Here is more information about Gel and Acrylic nail'm a nail technician and to be honest, they're both going to damage your natural nail bed.Acrylic and wraps can be soaked off with acetone, but Gels must be clipped or filed off.I would not recommend Gel unless you plan on keeping up with it, and having it filled every 2 weeks.For a one-time application, I would go with just tips alone, or press ons. they will cause the least amount of damage, but if you want something a little stronger, go with the silk wraps.I personally prefer acrylic to wraps or gels. It's stronger than gel and lasts longer than wraps.

What is a silk wrap for nails?

Silk Wraps--light reinforcement, mainly for someone who already has hard nails and only wants to fix a crack in their nails. Not good for those who stay in a lot of water, not durable for weaker nails. VERY hard to repair broken wraps

What are the three grades of silk produced?

three grades of silk are 1 reeled silk 2spun silk 3 nail silk

How do you remove bleach marks on white silk?

Unfortunately, there is no known way to remove bleach marks from silk.

How do you remove semen from silk?

Take it to the dry cleaners. They can remove just about anything from silk without damaging it.

Remove semen stain from silk?

Take it to the dry cleaners. They can remove just about anything from silk without damaging it.

How to Choose Artificial Nails?

If you have a bad habit of biting, picking, tearing or simply breaking your nails, you may decide to go for a set of artificial nails, done professionally at a nail salon. But how do you choose which type of nails to go for? -Step 1: Activity level Consider how active you are, if you are a typist, you will need a hard- wearing nail like acrylic. These are the strongest and longest –lasting of all the nails. If you are not active at all, then silk may be an option for you. This looks very natural, and is very flexible; fiberglass is also a consideration and it is harder wearing than silk. If you use a keyboard a lot then gel isn’t a good idea, as the end might crack. -Step 2: Appearance Some artificial nails look more natural than others. Acrylic can look thick and fake if not done correctly. Silk will look very natural, but is not very strong. Gel can look very good too. -Step 3: Maintenance Level Some nails require more maintenance than others. Acrylic will need to be topped up every couple of weeks, which can be expensive and be difficult to maintain. Gel takes less maintenance, but will still need topping up. -Step 4: Cost Acrylic is much cheaper than gel, but does need to be topped up more, which will cost you extra. The initial cost in all nails will be high, but work out the maintenance cost per week. Once you have decided on your type of nails, you can start looking around for a nail salon that will do the job professionally with as little pain and fuss as possible.