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No, it will cause your freezer to become too cold and it may shut off.

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Q: Can you put dry Ice in your freezer?
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How can you keep an ice cube frozen?

Put it in a freezer or a bucket of dry ice; but the freezer is better.

How can we store dry ice?

well if its dry put it in a freezer and then leave it for a hour then put it in the fridge

Can you freeze things without using a freezer?

Hmmm dry ice.....

Do you put an ice pack in the freezer or the fridge?


Why should you not put dry ice in your own freezer?

This is because the temperature in your freezer is higher than dry ice's sublimation point, and so it will all sublime over time. As it sublimes, the gas takes up more space than the solid, and your freezer will explode open for the gas to come out!

How do you tell if your freezer is broken?

To tell if your freezer is broken you put an ice cube in a small container and put a penny on top of the ice cube. then you put it in the freezer. After a couple days you check it. If the ice has melted and the penny is no longer on top of the ice cube then you should probably check your food in your freezer and get your freezer fixed.

How do you get Sonic ice?

You go into your freezer and put the ice in sonic's drink.

How does ice disappear in the freezer?

Ice can disappear over a period time in a freezer due to evaporation. Most freezers have a very dry environment with low humidity.

How do you stop an ice cube from melting?

put it in the freezer ;)

Can you preevent ice melting?

Yes! Put it in the FREEZER!

What happens when you put cinnamon in dry ice?

When you put cinnamon it dry ice it adbrutly melts.

What makes ice cream cold?

It is in a freezer when you buy it from the grocceries it is in the freezer and when you get home you put it in the freezer so it doesn't melt