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Q: Can you put basalt stones for massage in the microwave?
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How long to heat pizza stones?

Just like everything else. Put them in the microwave.

Can you put plasticine in a microwave?

Dont put it in a microwave

How do you make fishers popcorn?

you put it in the microwave. you put it in the microwave.

Where can you find basalt rock?

you can find the Basalt rock and where near a volcano or where ever somebody had put it.

Why do people put their skateboarding shoes in the microwave?

If you put them in the microwave for 30 seconds then take them out and put them on, they form to your feet, that is why people microwave their shoes.

What can you put on top of a microwave?

anything you want its your microwave

How do you roast chestnuts in microwave?

put the roaster in the microwave

Can you put a rock in the microwave?

Of course you can but the real question is should you put a rock in the microwave.

Why can't i put metal in the microwave?

if you put a metal in your microwave it will create a spark and when you hold it it will create a shock so don't put any metals inside the microwave it is dangerous

Do you put a hot cross bun in a oven or the microwave?


Can you put iridescent glass in the microwave?

You can put ANY type of glass in a microwave! Just be careful not to put it near a stove .

Can you put plastic tubs in the microwave?

Some plastic tubs are microwave proof whilst others are not. The tub should have writing on it or a label that it came with to indicate if it can be put in the microwave. If you can put it in the microwave remember to remove the lid slightly or completey.