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Yes. It reduces inflamation and tenderness.

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Q: Can you put an ice pack on a shot?
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Does it hurt if you put an icepack on you whenn our getting shot?

A good nurse will be able to give you a shot without pain or an ice pack.

How do you make an ice pack?

grab a ziploc bag and put ice in it

Do I put an ice pack or or a heating pad on a spider bite?

You would generally use an ice pack on a spider bite.

Do you put an ice pack in the freezer or the fridge?


What do you do about a jammed thumb?

Put an ice pack on the thumb and see a doctor.

How do you get rid of sweat?

Put a ice pack were ever the sweat is and it would do the trick.

What medications can make your jaws ache?

Put a ice pack on it for 15 min then put a heating pad on it for 15 min.

What to do if your finger fell off?

Put the finger in an ice pack, bandage your hand and hurry to the ER.

How do you care for a broken foot?

Rest a lot, keep it up on a pillow and, put an ice pack on it.

When your head hert you put a ice pack on it and did not do anything what do you do?

You take a few Tylenol/Panadol/Panadene.

Your son fell into a wall and has to knots on head?

If u ask me just put an ice pack.

Why is there a burning sensation when you get rosacea?

If you have rosacea, the burning is from the rash. You can put an ice pack on it to help with the burning.