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No No No talk about a bad idea. The fact that water is trapped inside the ear canal is due to impacted ear wax. A quick visit to your local doctor or medical clinic and a quick flush and the wax and the issue are resolved. Never use anything in your ears unless directed to do so by a licensed doctor. Alcohol in the ear canal can cause permanent damage to the ear drum and respective membranes in the ear responsible for balance and hearing.

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No dont use alchohol in your ear as it damages the ear drum and may cause infections! The best thing to use is a gentle oil like almond oil, every night before you go to bed.

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Q: Can you put alcohol only in your ear to treat swim ear?
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Can you wear a potassium earring?

No you cannot, once it touches your ear it will give you an infection and you will die. You can treat it with rubbing alcohol but only for a little while and you will have to be rushed to the emergency room.

Can you swim after ear candling?

You shouldn't wet your ears for a few hours after ear candling.

Can you swim with new ear piercings?

Yes you can just be sure you clean them with alcohol or whatever you've been cleaning them with as sonn as possible to make sure any left over bacteria is gone.

Is it true that if you put your own Sperm in your ear you will have better hearing?

No. The only way you treat hearing is with hearing aids.

Can you swim with swimmers ear with ear plugs?

You could try to keep your head up and then the answer is definitely yes. Swimmers ear will not stop you from swimming ear plugs or not,

Is it dangerous to put alcohol in your ear to disinfect it?

No, it is not dangerous. Placing rubbing alcohol inside the ear has been a tested remedy for removing water in the ear after swimming. Hydrogen peroxide works better at cleaning out the ear.

Can you swim with ear tubes?

I did and it did not hurt me just ask your doctor

What product hydrogen peroxide or vinegar or alcohol is most effective to treat dog ear infections?

You need to try mite medicine first,if this does not clear up the problem call your vet.

Why is it essential to treat injuries to the ear in a timely manner?

It is important to treat ear injuries promptly because the ears are not well supplied with blood vessels.

How do you Treat a perforated eardrum?

To treat a perforated eardrum, you can use a warm and dry compress on the ear until the pain is relieved. Only time can heal the eardrum itself and there is no surgical treatment.

How long until you can swim with an ear infection?

ears its fine as long as you clean it before and after your swim :) Good Luck

How do you treat an abscess in a dog ear?

take it to the vets!