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That's what was done to me and now it's really heavy and bulky. Not sure if it was supposed to be this way so I'm having it checked and hopefully changed!!

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Q: Can you put a full leg cast over a back slab?
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What are Advantage pre cast concrete slab than insitu concrete?

What are Advantage pre cast concrete slab than insitu concrete?

How many ribs in slab?

For both spareribs and loin back ribs, you should expect 11-14 bones in a whole slab.

You want to pour a concrete slab over the existing slab do you need to do any preparation or is it best to remove existing slab?

It would always be best to remove the existing, but sometimes it is cost prohibitive. To pour a slab over an existing slab, especially if it is uneven or fractured, will cause weak points in the new slab for various reasons. If you're going to do it anyway, try to make sure the new slab is minimally 3" thick at the thinnest point of the formed area. Commercial solutions are available also to aid in the adhesion of new concrete over old. These products are available at most home stores.

What should you do if the lap for steel reinforcement is to short but is already in concerete?

Drill out the edge of the slab and add some dowels....or cut the slab back.

If you use a secret slab of mysrtery part does it come back after you have used it?

You DO NOT USE the MYSTERY PART OR SECRET SLAB. You keep it in the bag for it to be able to do what it does.

How many calories in a full slab of ribs with barbecue sauce?

In the neighborhood of 2300

What is aggregate size?

20 mm thick coarse aggregate use in slab cast

How can you re-thread a cast iron cleanout in slab?

Get a TAP the size of the CO opening

Can you put a floating concrete slab over floor boards?


What size is coarse aggregate?

20 mm thick coarse aggregate use in slab cast

What difference suspended concrete slab between unsuspended concrete slab?

Supended slab are slab not sit on the ground directlySuspended slab is a slab supported by beams.

Is a divergent a slab-push a slab-pull?

convergent boundary