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I have one and I have to say, It would be pretty hard to play sports. You still *might* be able to, but I wouldn't try it.

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Q: Can you play sports with a buckle fracture?
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Can you play sports with a buckle fracture to your finger?

it depends wot sort of sports football you can do but rugby could be a bad option if u play in the scrum

How long does a buckle fracture take to heal?

It takes about 3 weeks to heal a buckle fracture in the wrist.

Is my Buckle Fracture Healed?


What is a buckle fracture?

A buckle fracture is a fracture in which there is incomplete loss of integrity of the bony cortex, frequently caused by a compressive force. These are also called a Torus fracture. They are treated by splinting or casting for about 3-4 weeks. These tend to heal quickly.

What is the diagnosis code for distal radius buckle fracture?


Can an adult have a buckle fracture?

Although buckle fractures are a common type of pediatric fracture, an adult can get a buckle fracture as well. Basically, a buckle fracture occurs when there is plastic deformation (basically bending leading to compression of the cortex, or outer surface of bone) and a complete fracture of the cortex in the transition area of metaphyseal bone to diaphyseal bone (area where woven bone meets up with sheet-like bone). This happens more often in children because their bones are not mature and the transition area is not as strong as that of a skeletally mature adult. However, the biomechanic characteristics of the transition region can predispose to local failure with a resultant buckle or torus fracture, rather than a transverse fracture, in either children or adults. It just happens much more commonly in kiddos!

How would you describe a fracture?

Fractures are described by the following characteristics: * Type of fracture - this can be transverse, oblique, spiral, buckle, comminuted * Open or closed - an open fracture is one that breaks the skin * Location of fracture * Displacement * Angulation

How long does it take for a buckle fracture in a child's wrist to heal?

It takes 3 weeks to heal.

Can you play sports with a hairline fracture to the wrist?

It's bad to play any kind of sport with any kind of injury. Unless you are trying to do series ~ perminent damage.

Can you do all sports with a fractured wrist?

Depends on how bad the fracture is. But it might cause you some discomfort, try not to play but if your team needs you then go for it.

What are the most common sports to see a compound fracture in?


What are the similar things in sprain and fracture?

a sprain means that you have jarred the injured body part. A fracture is when you dent or break the bone. A few weeks ago I buckle fractured my arm and it was broken on the inside of my bone not the outside.

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