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Any post operative piercing should be discussed with your doctor to ensure the risk of infection and complications are addressed to ensure your safety.

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Q: Can you pierce your belly button after gallbladder surgery just 4 months ago?
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How long until you can go into the ocean after you pierce your belly button?

3 months

Can you pierce your belly button with a belly button ring?


What do they use to pierce your belly button?

A Needle.

Is there only one place to pierce your belly button?

You can pierce your belly button anywhere you please really, talk to your piercer and they will let you know what your anatomy allows for.

In the UK can you get your belly button periced at 14?

If they have parental consent then they will pierce your belly button.

Why women pierce their belly button?

To hang in the Air Freshener!

What does a belly button pierce mean?

it means to have a belly button (navel) piercing, whether its to have on or to get one done

Can you pierce belly button after navel surgery?

Yes, you can When I was 4 (I'm 15 now) I had to undergo navel surgery to fix something that went wrong when I was born.. (Umbilical Hernia, I think?) Last year, I went to a piercing studio to ask whether they could pierce my belly or not.. They said it would be fine and that because of my operation, my belly button was scar tissue, which heals really quick! I got it done.. and I'm so happy I did.. It was totally healed in 3 weeks and has been great ever since! Good Luck

How do you pierce you belly button at home?

Don't unless you want septisemia

If you pierce your belly button does it make it more painful to give birth?


Can you pierce your belly button with a push pin?

No. Go to an expert to get it done.

How pierce belly button?

just stab urself with a ring and find out