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Since that is the wrong end of your digestive system, you will not get the results you were expecting. Many medicines are made as suppositories and some of those are intended to have local effect. Some depend on proper use to deliver the active ingredient at a predictable rate and some active ingredients will be destroyed by digestion. There is really no way to predict the outcome other than to say you should follow the instructions for best results.

Depends on what its used to treat. You can take a vaginal suppository that treats yeast infections on suck on it to treat yeast infection in the mouth and throat which was used in HIV treatment and worked on all patients. The problem with using it for other uses is your stomach acid will break it down. And it won't be absorbed in the colon.

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Physically, yes. Though you will not get the same benefits out of it and may even have some negative side effects. There is always a high risk when taking medication in a way that the medication is not attended for.

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If you swallow a suppository, this could cause problems with your stomach. It could even cause problems with bleeding depending on what the suppository is for.

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Q: Can you orally ingest a suppository?
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Effects of suppository when taken orally?

it will irritate the intestinal mucosa.

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You ingest them. They come in pill, powder and food forms. I have also heard of suppository type probiotics but why mess around with them when you can ingest them into and entrance and not an outlet?

Ways to ingest cocaine?

It is typically snorted or smoked when it is in freebase or crack form. It can be taken orally and intravenously.

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microgest is usually taken orally, however it can also be used as a vaginal suppository. It is a safe drug and nearly all gyane prescribing this medicine.

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You take is Orally (by mouth). There is also a version of it used for coughs in syrup form, but once again you take that orally also. Taking it ANY OTHER WAY is against the law and is dangerous. Follow all Rx directions to be safe

What do you mean by pr in a prescription?

EVERY PRESCRIPTION WRITTEN by a doctor must include, among other things, the intended route of the medicine (how to take it). PO means you take the drug orally and PR means you take the drug rectally (as in a suppository).

Does it hurt to go to the bathroom with a suppository?

No since the suppository is absorbed through the rectal mucosa.

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Voltalin Suppository is a suppository medication used to relieve pain and inflammation. Side effects include: drowsiness, dizziness, or vision disturbances such as blurriness.

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