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No you can not massage a recent haemorrhage.

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Q: Can you massage recent haemorrhage
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Why is recent scar tissue contraindicated to massage?

The only reason it may be a contraindication is because it is recent. After it has had a chance to heal, massage is actually indicated for scars.

What is the difference between haematoma and haemorrhage?

haemorrhage is escape of blood from vessel . and haematoma is massive accumulation of blood with in tissue.

What has the author Harold Leeming Sheehan written?

Harold Leeming Sheehan has written: 'Renal cortical necrosis and the kidney of concealed accidental haemorrhage' -- subject(s): Diseases, Haemorrhage, Uterine, Kidneys, Uterine Haemorrhage

Is massage ever contraidicated for asthmatics?

Recent studies show that daily dose of a healthy massage therapy do enhance airway in the patient's body and strengthens immune system.

Is traumatic subarachnoid haemorrhage cureble or not?


What has the author T Calcott Fox written?

T. Calcott Fox has written: 'A case of bilateral telangiectases of the trunk, with a history of marked epistaxis in childhood and recent rectal haemorrhage' -- subject(s): Telangiectasia

Massage with a haemorrhage?

If you are hemorrhaging, you should seek immediate medical treatment, preferably at the emergency room because this can be a life threatening situation. Should you be asking if it is safe to be massaged after a hemorrhage, in many cases, a doctor would have to write a prescription for massage that your therapist would have to file with your medical intake form. The doctor would have to clear you for massage and you would have to be free of clots since massage stimulates the circulatory system and could dislodge clots, causing a potentially life threatening situation. There are some suggestions for uterine massage to keep from having hemorrhage, but this would most likely be done by a doctor or nurse or a massage therapist with specialized training.

Alfred Nobel cause of death?

Alfred Nobel died from a cerebral haemorrhage on December 10th, 1896. A cerebral haemorrhage is bleeding in the brain.

Why can you not massage recent operations?

There is a high risk of infection, as well as possibly damaging the operation site. Wait until you are cleared by your Doctor and then use massage to break down the scar tissue.

Rupture of a vessel in the cerebrum?

brain haemorrhage

Where in the body would a cerlebral haemorrhage occur?

The Brain

What is an antihaemorrhagic?

An antihaemorrhagic is something which stops or reduces haemorrhage.