Can you makeout with your friend?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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No. that's called "friends with benefit's ."

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Q: Can you makeout with your friend?
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What should you do if you have the urge to makeout with you best friend who is a girl?

Go for it!!! Yeeeehaaawww

How do you let a friend know that you like her?

Just tell him/her this... I love you!!! then makeout with him/her for 5 mins or more then say so?wanna go out? it worked for me and my friend! bye!

Where is mina makeout from?

Mina makeout, the scene queen, is from England.

Did Justin Bieber makeout with his best friend?

NOBODY BE RUDE TO HIM, !!!!!!!!!!!!!! HE DIDNT. NOBODY KNOWS!!! zara shahzad and Victoria are his girl friends

My friend is coming over tonight and shes straight and im bisexual. How can i get her to makeout with me?

ask her if shes in to that stuff or play truth or dare

Did the Jonas Brothers makeout?

Yes, Nick and Joe did makeout after one of their videos.

How do you get your boy friend to kiss you on a field trip?

go to an area that no one will find you, as in a bathroom and makeout as you please, just make sure you are hidden

When is makeout day?

Makeout Day is not a legal holiday or even a celebrated holiday. The date for Makeout Day varies, but usually is said to occur on December 15th.

Can a friend kiss his or her best friend and how?

Yes, but full makeout sessions may come off weirdly. If it’s like a small peck in the lips or cheek, it’s not considered you like each other.

Did demi makeout with joe?


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What should you do when your boyfriend?

makeout with him