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how can a fat person be loved!

Hmm that makes no sense a fat person can attractive too!!

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Q: Can you love someone and not be physically attracted?
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Can you love and be in love with someone you don't find physically attractive?

you may not be physically attracted to someone but you can still fall in love with the heart the unseen quality that they have. people may not be pretty on the outside but beautiful on the inside

Is there a term for someone who is ONLY physically attracted Not Emotionally to people of the same sex ie physically and emotionally attracted to women only physically to men What is the term?

Physically attracted to both must mean Bisexual, as this need not require emotional involvement.

Can a person really be in love and not attracted to the other physically?

Sure. Happened to me! :\

How do you tell someone you are attracted to her?

you love her

Why a man gets erection even if he is not love with that woman?

You can still be physically attracted to a woman even if you don't love her which something obviously attracted/stimulated you concerning this woman.

Not Physically attracted to girls But Sexually So Is This Girl a Lesbian?

Being physically attracted to someone typically goes hand in hand with being sexually attracted to them. However, everyone's experiences with attraction can vary. It's possible for someone to identify as a lesbian if they are only sexually attracted to girls, even if they aren't physically attracted to them. Ultimately, it's up to the individual to determine their own sexual orientation based on their own feelings and experiences.

If an ex of 5years says he likes you as a person and is still physically attracted to you but hes with someone else does he still love you?

yes he loves you and is not lusting you...the other person is a complicated REBOUND!

Is it a problem that you are not that physically attracted to your boyfriend?

That depends, if you love him but dont feel attracted to him, then it may be ok, as attraction can grow as love grows, but if your not sure whether you are ever going to be attracted to him, then maybe honesty is the best way. I wasn't incredibly attracted to my bf at first but I love and appreciate him in all ways now!

Can a man be physically attracted to a woman for sex but not enough physically attracted to her for a relationship?

Men are easily physically attracted to women its the way they are designed its hader for them to commit to a person then to a sex act.

What do you do if you love someone so much and find them physically attracted to them and they love you but dont find you physically attractive?

Love is the most important thing when it comes to a relationship; however if there is no physical attratcion then the relationship will undoubtedly fail. With this kind of situation it is suggested to either go to couples counseling or if your just dating to end this relationship, as harsh as that may sound. Best wishes.

How can you be attracted to someone's personality?

Personality is an important part of an interpersonal relationship with another person. In relative terms, personality is just as important as how someone appears. When you hang out with friends, you have to like their personality in order to get along with them. You don't hang out with people who annoy you, or who just aren't anything like you. This is because you prefer different personalities. When you are attracted to someone physically, you should also like talking to them. If you do not enjoy talking with this person, than their personality is what is bugging you. Some people may not be physically attractive to you, but if you still enjoy talking with them, than they have a personality you like. Take for example, you may not like a friend physically, but you love talking to them. You are attracted to them by their personality.

Can someone become attracted to somebody when he loves another?

Yes you can be attracted, but if you already in love, it may to discontentment. Be satisfied with what you have.