Can you inject 10mg Statex

Updated: 4/28/2022
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I am in no way a doctor, nor do I condone this usage of these pills. The short answer is: Yes (but only if they are instantaneous release or IR). If they are time release (ER), they have dangerous binding and time release agents that have no business going into one's blood stream. Keep in mind that there are still fillers and coloring present in the instant release pills, which is also rumored to be dangerous from prolonged use on top of the already existing risks of using morphine intravenously.

What You'll Need:

- Sterile spoon

- Sterile chopping instrument such a scissors or a knife

- Sterile, unused syringe (preferably 29 gauge, but if your veins are beaten some use 27)

- Sterile water or bottled water (don't use tap water or even filtered water from dispensers)

- Rubber Tourniquet (alternatively a belt, but this can be uncomfortable for some)

- Alcohol swabs

- Surface wipes

- Dental/Micro Filter or Wheel Filter (NO Q-Tips or Cotton Balls, they do not properly filter pills!)

What to Do (In Theory):

1. Wash your hands and clean your work space with surface wipes (a CD case, DVD case or a glass table are examples of easy areas to keep sanitized).

2. Make sure all your equipment is clean (if wipes or swabs are used, make sure residue is not present by wiping it off).

3. Take your pill and wet the outside with a drop of sterile water (not your saliva!) and shave off the scores/logos to avoid unnecessary filler. Careful, the pill will become brittle quickly.

4. Add enough sterile water to the spoon to fill your syringe (the more water the better), along with your shaved pill(s).

5. Mix and MASH around with the back side of the plunger of the syringe. It will appear chalky and powdery, but the morphine is rather water soluble so it should extract. Cooler water would help aid in this. Never heat the mixture, as waxy substances can possibly mix with your hit of morphine!

6. Place your dental/micro/wheel filter at the edge of the powder in the bottom in the spoon, then slow draw from the middle of the filter with your syringe (don't let the tip press to the bottom either). You will hear the last of the moisture suck out of it with a slurp when it's done. Always cap off the needle on the syringe if you're going to set it down or need to do something before your shot to avoid getting nasty particles or bacteria on it. However, don't wait too long to inject a prepared shot anyways!

7. Disperse air bubbles by flicking the syringe repeatedly in an upright position until they are joined with the air pocket at the top near the needle. Then push the plunger upwards so that the air escapes and drops come out the end to indicate this. Pull the plunger back and fourth a couple of times if a bigger bubble still won't go away. You can experience severe complications if the air bubbles are not cleared, so it's important to do so.

8. Gently wipe intended injection site with alcohol swab. Aim for a vein, and not an artery. Veins are the ones closer to the surface that are easily seen as blue, and don't have a noticeable "throb". Do not use surface wipes or hand wipes as they may irritate or dry out your sites! Keep in mind that forearm veins are the safer ones, and extremities are the most dangerous veins to use. Start lower on the arm, and work upwards.

8. Comfortably restrict circulation with rubber tourniquet on the upper bicep above intended injection site so that it can easily be removed by one's self or a friend when needed.

9. Carefully insert the needle facing upwards (obviously) into the center of the vein, following along it, and keeping it steady so it will not poke through once inside. Sometimes it will be tricky, but have patience. If you experience pain, immediately withdraw and retry. If blood does not draw back into the syringe when you try, immediately withdraw and retry.

10. Once successfully drawing some blood into the syringe, loosen the rubber band so the restriction is relieved. If blood stops drawing back after loosening, take needle out, tighten the band and try again.

11. If a little more blood draws after loosening the band, you're ready to plunge. Take it slowly as to not give the vein too much pressure, and wait a second or two half way through to see how you feel from the drug before continuing. If you experience pain or a bubble forming above the site, stop and withdraw because you're probably missing. Missing an injection can be a painful, and sometimes infectious experience!

12. Take the needle out the same way it came in to avoid more vein damage, then clear the site of blood afterwards and clean it with a swab after the bleeding stops.

Hope this helps. I don't recommend doing this a lot though because it's dangerous. Probably less dangerous than street drugs though. Take care.

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Q: Can you inject 10mg Statex
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