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yes but only if there is just cause to for example a fight got out of hand.

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Q: Can you have your husband removed from your home by the police?
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Can you have a non spouse removed from your home?

Yes, a non spouse can be removed from your home. The police will need to be called and they will escort the person off the premises.

How do you report the death of your husband?

If he has died at home, then you would call the police so that the coroner can come and pronounce him.

How can one get rid of ex boyfriend who will not move out live in Mississippi?

Go to the police and ask that he be removed from the home

What is your mother's first cousin's once removed husband to you?

The husband of your mother's first cousin, once removed, is not related to you as you do not share a common ancestor. In some cases, your mother's first cousin once removed is your second cousin. so you would refer to the husband as "my second cousin's husband." In other cases, your mother's first cousin, once removed, is your first cousin, twice removed. It might be easier to refer to that husband as "my gransmother's first cousin's husband."

What do you callit whena police onterrogate a cows husband?

When police interrogate a cow's husband, this is called "questionable" or "question a bull."

If a spouse flees the home and files an order of protection can she return to the home unannounced when the husband is out to get her things?

* Yes. She can also ask a police officer to go with her. * Yes she can, but it would best to have a police officers(s) escort you to your home so there is no misunderstanding with your husband as to why you were there. It is also very important that you do not answer your telephone, emails and that you have your cell phone close to you as your husband may well resent the fact you have gone to your home and retrieved your personal items and could be more abusive or stalk you to get even. If you feel you are in danger call the police immediately. It wouldn't hurt to have a family member or a friend stay with you for a couple of days.

What happens if your husband refinanced your home after separation and removed your name from the deed What do you do?

you dont pay bills for it and you have no house. i recomend saving money for a new house.

What if the wife is the one who physically abuses the husband?

If a wife physically or verbally abuses her husband she will get the same treatment as a man who physically or verbally abuses his wife. If she leaves any physical marks on the husband he can call the police and press charges and often the wife is taken away in handcuffs for a cooling off period (overnight) until the husband decides to press charges or not. However, for both husbands and wives it is difficult to prove verbal abuse unless others in the home phone the police or neighbors phone the police.

The relationship between husband's first cousin and husband son?

First cousin, once removed.

How do you evict your husband after a divorce from a home that was purchased 5 years prior to the marriage?

Call the police. The divorce decree serves as the eviction notice. He is trespassing at this point.

What do you do when the stalker is your husband?

File a report with the!!

What can you do if your husband does drugs?

tell the police and get him some help.