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no because the pacemaker is a huge risk to the ct scan and is illegal if done so

Who ever gave this answer is horrible misinformed and is a perfect example as why you should not try to get medical advise on-line unless from a medical site.

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I would suggest that this person go to the Cleveland Clinic online and check the answer, according to themΒ  YES IT IS SAFE TO HAVE A CT SCAN WITH A PACEMAKER!!! Check your sources before making a comment.Β 
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I have CT scans regularly. Β I have a Pacemaker. You cannot have an MRI.Β 
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A MUGA scan is a nuclear medicine scan and does not involve magnetic fields as MRI's do.

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Q: Can you have a muga scan if you have a pacemaker?
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Can iv be in your hand for muga scan?


What is the purpose of the MUGA scan?

The MUGA scan is performed to determine if the heart's left and right ventricles are functioning properly and to diagnose abnormalities in the heart wall.

What is a variation of the cardiac blood pool scan called?

A multiplegated acquisition (MUGA) scan is a variation of this test.

What is a muga scan used to detect?

The MUGA scan stands for Multiple Gated Acquisition Scan and is an extremely useful tool to assess the function of the heart. It's also noninvasive. The scan provides a moving image of the beating heart. From this image medical professionals can make conclusions about the health of the cardiac ventricles.

Where is a MUGA scan done?

It takes approximately 30 minutes to one hour

Why is pyrophosphate injected in a person before they take a muga scan of the heart?

It helps the radioisotope bind to the RBC's.

Is rest needed after a MUGA scan?

The patient may resume normal activities immediately following the test

What does a normal MUGA scan show?

The pictures are taken via gamma camera driven by a computer program

What is a mugascan?

The MUGA scan (MUltiple Gated Acquisition scan) is an extremely useful noninvasive tool for assessing the function of the heart. The MUGA scan produces a moving image of the beating heart, and from this image several important features can be determined about the health of the cardiac ventricles (the heart's major pumping chambers).How is the MUGA scan performed?A MUGA scan is performed by attaching a radioactive substance, Technetium 99, to red blood cells, then injecting the red blood cells into the patient's bloodstream. The patient is then placed under a special camera (a gamma camera), which is able to detect the low-level radiation being given off by the Technetium-labelled red cells. Since the red blood cells (including those that are radio-labelled) fill the cardiac chambers, the image produced by the gamma camera is essentially an outline of those chambers. With some fancy computer manipulation, the the final product is a movie of the heart beating.

What injections does a MUGA scan use?

MUGA scans are used to calculate ejection fraction (an important measure of heart performance) and evaluate regional myocardial wall motion

What is Muga de Sayago's population?

Muga de Sayago's population is 472.

Can a person with a pacemaker have CAT scan or x-rays?

I have a pacemaker in both venticals, can I have a cat scan on my head? Yes....even if you have leads in both ventricles. In 20 plus years of performing CT scans at a very busy academic practice, there has never been a reported problem with a head CT in someone with a cardiac pacemaker.