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Yes, you can. Depending on what happened.

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2009-11-25 04:12:03
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Q: Can you have a broken heart without ever being in a relationship?
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Will you stay heart broken forever?

no, you won't stay heart broken only if the preson heart broken too that means that you two are meant to be.

How does it feel to have your heart broken?

You never get your heart broken because everyone always moves on. But when you do love someone alot, it feels like the most painful thing in the world. You feel lonely, like you need them to come and hug you and comfort you but you know that they can't. Just don't get yourself into a relationship if you know it's going to end badly.

One of the obvious consequences of human relations failures is what?

a broken heart....

What does heart break feel like?

This is to all the girls who don't know how a heart break feels like . I've been heart broken so many times , when you're heart broken , you feel like doing nothing except laying down thinking about your ex . You can't get your mind off of him . It's like a thousand knifes stabbing you in the heart , you cry and you can't get that certain someone off your mind . It hurts even more to see your ex with another girl flirting , tying her shoe for her , seeing them laugh together . They do nothing but flirt with each other . You literally cry all day , this has happened to me so many times and still is . Sometimes , you just wanna punch that girl in the face!!!! But really , being heart broken is just .... very sad . Most girls eat ice cream all day because it "helps" honestly , that does not help . If any girl out there who has been wanting to be heart broken to see how it feels like ....No , trust me , you would NEVER want to be heart broken especially because of your ex you really loved .

In the relationship CO equals HRxSV HR stands for?

heart rate

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How do you fix a broken heart relationship wise?

find another heart to love

What symbol is used for a relationship?

if it is a good relationship then it would be a heart or a rose. If it is a broken up relationship then the symbol would be a heart cut in half

My crush has gotten his heart broken in the past and I am wondering if that is making him question our relationship?

If your crush was heart broken in the past, and you are worried of the influence it will have in your relationship, explain to him the need to accept and move on.

Why a girl runs from a relationship?

cause she doesn't want to get her heart broken again

What it means when you dream that you have fallen from the sky?

It mean you heart broken from you passed relationship

How does a lady feel when her relationship is broken?

Every individual woman has different feelings about a breakup in a relationship. Some women may be happy the relationship has broken up, while others are heart-broken and some may wait a long while in hopes their significant other will come back into her life while other women who are heart-broken will move forward in their lives.

Show me the meaning of being Lonely and the broken heart?

Being on the outside, looking in.

What gets broken without being held?

Pretty sure that's a riddle. But it's water.

What is the relationship between forgiving and forgetting?

Forgiving is giving your partner another chance for them to prove themselves to be worthy of you and being able to repair your tortured heart. Forgetting is being able to obliterate the hurt that your partner created in your relationship. Both mixed together create the perfect plan in saving a broken relationship.

Does everyone feel a broken heart in the same way?

No, being heartbroken often happens at the end of a relationship, and everyone's relationships are different and often people have different feelings for each other.

Can a broken heart learn to trust again?

Yes, a broken heart can definitely learn to trust again. It may take a lot of time, though, depending on how badly your trust was broken. Take it slow with your next relationship, and be honest with him or her about your feelings.

Can you really die from a broken heart?

Im not sure that you can die from a broken heart but it can lead to depression and if depression is left without seeking help then the person may commit suicide. So a broken heart could lead to death but that is only if the person becomes so depressed that they dont feel like life is worth living for without the person that broke their heart.

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