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It is possibly possible if you get lots of sleep and stretch. Also, eat healthy and exercise.

dont smoke either.and drink milk. and eat fruits yogurt and vegetable and nuts.

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Q: Can you grow 3 inches in a year?
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How much hair does an average human grow in a year?

about 6 inches per year <3

How fast do stalactites and stalagmites normally grow?

Stalactites grow .005 inches per year. It will take 200 years to grow one inch. stalagmites/stalagtites grow at .13 mm or .005 inches per year, and up to 3 mm or .12 inches per year. That would be about 100 yrs to grow 1cm on average

How much does the average girl grow in a year?

all girls grow at different rates but the average girl might grow about 2-3 inches per year.

Your hairs bald how long will it take to grow 6 inches?

It will take a year approximately for your hair to grow 6 inches.

How many inches does an agave grow each year?

The amount of an agave's growth depends upon the environment. For example, an agave tends to grow about 1 inch/3 centimeters per year inside. Outside, it may grow anywhere from 1 inch/3 centimeters to 2-6 inches/5-12 centimeters a year.

Zev has a roshbush in his yard the first year it grow 3 inches the second year it grew 12 inches zev then cut it back 5 inches the third year it grew twice as much in the first year the rosebush?


How many inches does a kid grow in a year?

2.5 inches

I am 18 year old I am 5'5'' inches you want to become tall 5'8''?

At 18 I would not hold my breath waiting to grow 3 inches.

How fast do koi grow?

A Koi should grow around 6 to 8 inches long in its first year. By age 3 it should be about 24 inches long. I guess that's a reasonable growth rate

How many inches does a young horse grow in a year?

it is about 15 inches or above,,

How Long do hamtsers grow?

dwarf hamsters grow about 2-3 inches. non-dwarfs grow about 4-5 inches.

How many inches can a 14 year old get taller in 2 months?

If a person hits a growth spurt they can grow 2 inches in month, so they can grow about 4 inches in two months. Most people, however, only grow about 4 inches or so year when they are 14. It is possible to grow 4 inches in two months though.