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No, that would be a bad idea to go to sleep after hitting your head. After hitting your head, try to wait a few hours before going to sleep. Hitting your head can result in interior or exterior bleeding or having a concussions which can be fatal depending on the damage done

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Q: Can you go to sleep right away after hitting your head?
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Can you go to sleep after being hitting your head?

sign of concusion

Can a 2 year old sleep right after hitting their head?

Probably not, you might want to calm them down before trying to put them to bed.

Is hitting the pillow with your head while sleeping a symptom of autism?

No, hitting your head with your pillow while you're sleeping has absolutely nothing at all to do with autism and there's no reason to think that it does. If you're hitting your head with your pillow in your sleep this is fairly normal.

How long before a person can go to sleep after hitting there head?

2 seconds to 2 hours

Is it normal to have parts of your head feel numb after hitting your head really bad?

Right after hitting your head, yes. But it should only feel like that for a small amount of time. If it continues, GET TO A DOCTOR

How do you tell if you have a concussion?

You could tell if you have a concussion if all you want to do is sleep after hitting your head. This is major head trauma that can only be truly diagnosed by a medical professional.

If you hitted your head a little hard that the pain goes away in a minute should you still wait to go to sleep?

It used to be said that people with concussions should not go to sleep for fear they would lapse into a coma and not wake up. This is no longer conventional wisdom. If you lost consciousness when you injured yourself, call your doctor- especially if you were out for more than 5 minutes. It's fine to sleep after hitting your head.

What happens when baby goes to sleep after hitting their head?

never ever let a child lay down after they hit their head, keep the child upright and awake then see a physician.

Is it dangerous hitting the back middle of the head on a shelf?

uh, hitting your head is always dangerous.

Is it OK to sleep after hitting your head?

If you have hit your head hard enough to bleed or feel dizzy afterwards, you need prompt medical attention - you may have experienced a concussion - left untreated, it could be fatal. Above all things, do not go to sleep until your doctor or medical professional has evaluated the injury. Get professional medical help right now!!

Can hitting your head cause your head to itch?


What is the hitting surface of the hammer?

Either face of the head is the hitting surface.

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