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sure you can. you may not be able to kick it well without pain. but swimming is one of the best recovery methods for many ailment. just use your arms if it hurts

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Q: Can you go swimming with torn ligaments in foot?
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What is an inversion sprain?

Spraining of the ligaments in your ankle when you roll it/ go over it. Basically when your foot rolls toward the outside.

How does a podiatrist earn money?

A Podiatrist is a foot doctor. People who are having problems with ligaments and bones in their feet would go to one.

Should I go to the doctor if I have a foot injury?

It is recommended that you see your physician for an x-ray. The foot contains small bones and ligaments that can be easily injured. Try to not put your weight on the injured foot and see you doctor as soon as possible.

Can you go swimming when you have hand foot and mouth disease?

Depends on the disease, but I wouldn't suggest it answer would be go see a doctor.

Can I or anyone go swimming in my our their pick one - don't use your or you if you are referring to yourself 40th week of pregnancy?

Swimming during pregnancy can be a great exercise, especially in the last trimester! It can relieve all the pressure on your joints and ligaments. It also helps you from overheating.

Can a dog get athletes foot?

No, fly's do not go near swimming pools and step on the ground because they can fly :D

What will happen if we dislocate our knee and then 2 seconds later it went back together and don't go to doctors?

It is possible you have torn or damaged a ligament in your knee. This needs to be examined immediately. You can still walk even if certain ligaments are torn or damaged and if they don't heal properly it could lead to trouble down the road.

When you go in swimming should you worry about sharks if not why not?

It matters how deep you go in the water as in the sea water I only go up to my waist and i'm 5 foot 7

Picture of thumb ligaments?

here u go

Where can you go swimming on miniplanet facebook?

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Do chicken ligaments go bone to bone or one bone?

ligaments go bone to bone (for example in the knee itis called the ACL). Tendons attach muscle to bone.

Who swims in the swimming gala?

People from swimming clubs go to swimming galas