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yes, of course you can.

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Q: Can you go into shock from fright?
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Words that describe shock?


What are synonyms for fright?

The noun "fright" is normally a state of fear, or something that causes fear (a scare).(The idiom looks a fright means looks scarily bad, or a monstrosity.)Synonyms for fright may be alarm, dismay, dread, horror, panic, shiver, shock, terror, or trepidation.

Why do you have adrenaline?

To prepare the body for a sudden fright or shock. It is commonly known as the "fight or flight horomone."

What is another word for terror?

There are many words for terror or synonyms. Some include dread, awe, shock, alarm, horror, shock, anxiety, fright, and panic.

Who would win a fright an alligator or anaconda?

An alligator, a jellyfish's worst defense is to shock. An alligator is larger in size, and has huge chompers.

Where do shock boots go on a truck?

on the shock!!!!

Is there a fright fest in Toronto?

Yes, there is a fright fest in Toronto. The fright fest happens once every year during the month of September. The children would dress up in costumes and go around town scaring each other.

Can guinea pigs go in water?

definatly not that would scare them and they can die from fright

When was Night Fright created?

Fright Nights was created in 2006.

Can anyone teach me the Monster High fright song dance?

go to a website and find out!

What is the verb for fright?

fright (n) > frighten (v)

Is fright a noun?

Yes, the word 'fright' is a noun.