Can you give yourself head

Updated: 4/28/2022
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of course you can. . Just have a go

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Q: Can you give yourself head
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Is it possible to give yourself head?

break your bottom ribs and have a go!

How can you sleep when your head hurts?

Take a pill, give yourself a temple or jaw massage, put a warm washcloth over your head.

Will slapping your head make you forget stuff?

if you hit yourself hard enough to give yourself concussion, then yes, might help to got the doctor if it hurts

Can you give yourself a concussion by hitting yourself on the head with the heel of your hand?

yes you could and some times when you do that your skull go,s backwards enough and cause presure in your brain

How can you give yourself a miscarriage?

Do NOT give yourself a miscarriage!

Does Paris Hilton give good head?

Yes she, based on what I have seen in the leaked sex tape "A Night in Paris" she gives excellent head. You can download the tape for free from a torrent if you would like to judge for yourself.

How do you knock out yourself?

Hit yourself on the head with a baseball bat hard!

Are you gay if you don't want to give head but you want to receive it and do other things?

No. You are only gay if you find yourself physically attracted to members of the same sex.

What does throw your neck out mean?

It means to give head.

How much does it cost to replace the head gasket on an 05 dodge caravan?

if you do it yourself a lot cheaper than a shop I have repaired 1 caravan head gasket it only cost me roughly $200.00 give or take some $

When was Give Yourself a Hand created?

Give Yourself a Hand was created on 1999-03-23.

When was Give Yourself Away created?

Give Yourself Away was created on 2007-08-28.