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Any hospital can test you for STDs.

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Q: Can you get tested in any hospital for STD?
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What are the ways you can avoid aids?

wear a CONDOM or if you want a baby then you go to the hospital and get tested for any sti's

Where can you go to get help if you think you have contracted HIV?

You can go to any local clinic or hospital and have yourself tested.

Where do you get tested for drugs?

depending on what what kind of test std go to you doctor

What STD need both partners to be tested so there is no recurrence?

All of them.

Can you get a std by a male rubbing his penis across your vagina?

i dont have a vagina but yes, you can contract an std if the girl has an std whether its visible or not. So it would be great for the both of you guys to get tested for any sexually transmitted diseases. Condoms work great but celebacy works better.

How you know that you got aids?

You will need to be tested for the virus antibody.

What if you think you have a transmitted disease?

If your think you may have an STD, get tested so you can know for sure.

Where do i check my blood type in New York.?

You can have your blood type tested in New York by going to the hospital. You can also have your blood type tested at Urgent Care or any health care clinic.

What happens if your pregnant and you swallow your partners semen and he has a STD?

You can get it too. Depending on which one it is it can affect the baby or not. Get tested.

How did Nicki Minaj baby father die?

Her baby dad died by getting STD'S from Nicki minaj . They tested her and it said that it was clear on her but she gave it away to her baby dad!

Address of std specialist doctors in ludhiana?

Consultant Dermatologists, cosmetologist and STD specialist working as ... Clinic Name: Dayanand medical College and Hospital , Ludhiana. Address.

Can pre-ejaculate occur even when you're not aroused?

If this is happening it might mean you have an STD. I'd go get tested.