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EST means Erythrocyte Sedimentation Rate, and if it is raised, it means that there is an ongoing infection. As a result of 120 would be extremely high, I doubt if a woman would feel well enough to have sexual intercourse. She would probably be in a hospital.

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Q: Can you get pregnant with esr 120 or above?
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What effects does iron deficiency have on ESR?

It would cause the ESR to go up

What does ESR mean in Blackjack?

ESR means Early surrender in blackjack.

How does anemia menstruation kidney and thyroid disease cancer age homorne disorder and certain infections affect erythrocyte sedimentation rate.?

How is ESR affected by anaemia? In anemia hematocrit is reduced and as a result the velocity of the upward flow of plasma is causing the red blood cell aggregates to fall faster. Macrocytic red cells that have a smaller surface-to-volume ratio also settle more rapidly.How is ESR affected by Menstruation? ESR is not effected by menstruation.How is ESR affected by kidney disease? ESR is raised as a result of the presence of Infection, Inflammation, Malignancy. As one of these symptoms are likely to be present it would lead to a raised ESRHow is ESR affected by thyroid disease? Unless there is Infection, Inflammation, Malignancy the ESR would remain unaffected.How is ESR affected by cancer? ESR becomes raised where there is a malignancy.How is ESR affected by Age? ESR becomes higher with ageHow is ESR affected by homorne disorder? ESR is not affected by hormone levelsHow is ESR affected by infections? ESR becomes raised when infection is present.How is ESR affected by sex? ESR is naturally higher in women than in men.How is erythrocyte sedimentation rate affected by inflamation? ESR becomes raised when infection is present.

What is above average IQ?

An average IQ is 100, but with a range of between 80 and 120. A score above 120 would be considered above average.

What is the cause of reoccurrence of ESR after normal range?

afternormal why esr shootup again

What is ESR and how can you control it?

Erythrocyte sedimentation rate (ESR) measures the body's degree of inflammation and high ESR level in blood can be controlled using ayurvedic treatment.

What does an ESR 25 indicate?

aches and pains post baby particular the arms an esr of 24

Which food increases esr levels?

Diet which has acidic content can increase ESR levels. Dried ginger along with aamla powder are good antioxidants and reduce esr levels.

Why esr increase in rheumatoid arthritis?

ESR measures the amount of inflammation in the blood RA is an inflammatory disease thus in the case of RA sufferers the ESR is usually higher when the disease is active.

Why is your ESR count?


What kind of inflammation causes your ESR to elevate?

All kinds of inflammation cause the ESR to elevate. It is a nonspecific marker.

What does a ESR 77 mean?

A normal esr reading is 1 to 12. A result of 77 means there is inflammation in the body.