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i think its a weird question,everyone knows that hugging a guy will not make me pregnant....but actually a guy makes his first move by hugging his girlfriend,to have 1 point,and then later he will ask you a kiss to have the 2nd points,and then you will not noticed they are only finding a way to get what they really want,guys are like that,they make the first moves and ends your life,do not all the guys are the same,still mostly of them are bitch,hugging does not makes you pregnant but in hugging the first step in being pregnant begins...................pearlaemay

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Absolutely NOT !

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Q: Can you get pregnant by hugging my boyfriend?
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Can a girl be pregnant by shaking hands or hugging someone?


Can you get pregnant if he is only hugging you?

No you cannot. It's OK to hug.

How do you get your boyfriend to pick you while hugging him?

If you mean "pick you up" when hugging him you can always just ask him to. I'm sure he would love to try it with you.

How should you hug your boyfriend after he has given you a present?

well my boyfriend likes me hugging him under his arms and i suggest going in for a kiss

How do you turn your teenage boyfriend on?

Shoulders, Legs, Skin, Personality, Laughter, Hugging, and Kisses.

Does hugging makes women get pregnant?

not unless they are having sex at the same time

How can you tel that a girl is cheating on his boyfriend?

If she is unusually happy or sad. She avoids outings quite often. She smirks when hugging and sighs when the boyfriend goes away.

Can you live with your boyfriend if your pregnant and want to stay with him?

... If you have a boyfriend, pregnant.. Wouldn't it be best to stay with him? O.o

What do you do when your friend broke up with her boyfriend for hugging another girl when he did not?

I think she wanted to break up with him anyway.

What does it mean if your boyfriend dream your pregnant?

you might be pregnant!

How do you get a boyfriend and get pregnant now?

i think u no how to get pregnant.

Can you get pregnant if your boyfriend is infertile?