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First, you are to not exceed three 1000 mg gel caps per day of fish oil or flaxseed oil caps. Not six. Second, yes you can get Mercury poisoning IF the capsules are contaminated. This is more likely if you purchase cheap, lower quality, generic brand capsules instead of a Name Brand product. It's just a buyer beware, Russian Roulette type of thing.



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Q: Can you get mercury poisoning from fish oil capsules eating 6 a day?
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Can you get mercury poisoning from fish oil supplements?


Can dogs get food poisoning?

Yes they can from eating fish

What happens to fish and other water life when mercury levels get to high?

They die of heavy metal poisoning. Anything eating sufficient quantities of them can then also get heavy metal poisining.

Explain what Mercury in a fish is?

In some places in the world, mercury is pumped into the ocean as a byproduct of industry. This mercury is then consumed by fish, poisoning the fish. The fish are caught by fishermen and consumed by people, creating a wide range of problems due to the toxic nature of mercury.

Why is it that a human eating a barracuda could take in enough harmful chemicals to be killed?

In some cases the consumption of fish has been led to Mercury Poisoning. Mercury is present in many types of ocean dwelling fish, and while present is generally not harmful (unless consumed in large quantities) to the individual ingesting the fish.

How can toxic metal poisoning ocur?

Woman deodorent can somtimes have it and some fish may have mercury in it

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Mercury is a relatively safe metal, but its bad to consume and can cause poisoning. It can also "eat away" at jewelery such as gold and silver.

Minamata Disease is caused by eating fish contaminated by what pollutant?


How are mercury batteries hazardous to the environment?

Mercury itself is very poisonous. It collects in meat and tissue, as well, so mercury can carry over from anything that has consumed it. Fish are known for leading to mercury poisoning.

Types of sickness you can get from phytoplankton in Florida?

Ciguatera Fish Poisoning is a food poisoning caused by eating a certain fish, a marine finfish (e.g. barracuda), that has eaten certain algae. The algae make a toxin that is not so harmful for the fish, but it is to humans.

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loss of habitat - due to cutting of the forest food poisoning - mercury found in fish

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We know that eating fish is good for you. In fact, fish may be the ultimate but eating the wrong kinds of fish too often can raise the level of mercury in your body. This is especially dangerous for pregnant and breastfeeding women because fetuses and newborns are very sensitive to mercury. Find out the best fish to eat and in what amounts.