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yes you could get kidney infections by kissing pets it is proven by scientists

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Q: Can you get kidney infections from kissing pets?
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Does Kissing Give YOu Diseases?

Almost all diseases cannot be caught from kissing someone. You can however get bacterial and viral infections from kissing someone who has those infections.

Is kidney infections hereditary?

No, they're not. Kidney disease can be hereditary, however kidney infections are not. (In the same way that other "infections" are not hereditary - e.g nobody gets a hereditary cold).

Why do kidney infections cause a headache?

Kidney infections, like other bacterial infections, often result in a fever. The fever causes the symptom of headaches. These infections are treated with antibiotics.

Can dogs get kidney infections?

Yes they get them, also urinary tract infections.

What are the demographics of kidney infections?

Kidney infections occur most often in adult females who are otherwise healthy. Urinary tract infections are uncommon in males until old age.

Can a male be a carrier of kidney infection?

Males can get infections like kidney stones.

How are kidney infection symptoms related to bladder infections?

Kidney infection symptoms can include chills and shaking, fever, nausea and vomiting, and fatigue. Kidney infections are caused by a spreading of a bladder infection.

How many people die in a year of kidney infections?

It is estimated that kidney infections contribute to a small percentage of overall deaths each year. The exact number of deaths specifically attributed to kidney infections can vary depending on factors such as access to healthcare and treatment options.

Can you use tetracycline for kidney stones?

No. Tetracycline is for bacterial infections. See a doctor about the kidney stones.

Can recurrent urinary infections cause kidney stones?

There are different types of kidney stones, and one is the result of infection in the kidney. Yes, recurrent infections can help to cause this type of kidney stone. The stone may also harbor infection that causes frequent recurrence.

What are dutch drops used for with horses?

kidney infections

What if you have a kink in your ureter?

A Kink in your ureter, I just what is says.. It is a kink that is in the tube or tubes that go from your kidney's to your bladder. If there is a Kink it does not allow the urine from the kidney to drain properly. For me personally, it gave me cronic untreatable bladder infections, and consistent kidney infections. I also caused my kidney funtion to decline. By the time I had surgery my kidney function was only working at a 35% after the surgery, the infections went away, and my kidney function rose to 70%. However chronic infection did cause, damage to my kidney, and severe scar tissue around my bladder.