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No, I tried to get my prescription filled about a month ago and they said Tricare disapproved it. I am also retired

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Q: Can you get chantix with tricare prime retired?
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Will tricare for pay for Chantix?

No. It is not covered under Tricare.

Is Tricare Prime considered a group health insurance plan or an individual health insurance plan for retired military?

Tricare Prime is not a "stand alone" plan. Tricare Prime is TRICARE Prime Supplemental Insurance Plan de¬signed to help pay your cost share and copayments under TRICARE (In-Network and Out-of-Network expenses). It was modeled as an HMO. Your Tricare Standard/Extra Plan is the base coverage.

If you have Tricare Prime through your husband who is retired military and you also have Blue Shield through work as a federal employee which is primary and which is secondary?

Tricare prime from your husband is the primary and your federal employee insurance is secondary. It means whatever Tricare Prime does not cover, Blue Shield should pick it up. Ah, wrong. If you read the Tricare documentation, it clearly states if you have another health insurance company, Tricare is automatically the secondary. It doesn't matter who is the military member.

Is TRICARE a Medicaid program?

No. Tricare covers certain Federal employees, including retired military.

How do I get tricare I am a disabled veteran?

you should have tricare if you are a vet. If you are old enough to get medicare, tricare for life is the insurance that is usually attached. Get online and I belive that not all vets have tricare. You receive Tricare benefits if you were retired from the military (either medically or due to time/age). You would have a retired ID card and that is your Tricare medical card as well. If you think you are eligible you can contact tricare by calling 1-800-tricare and you will be directed to the necessary region. I hope that helps. My husband and I were both medically retired/disabled and have tricare insurance. But friends that are considered disabled by the VA only do not get the same benefits. I am basing my response on personal knowledge and experience. Best Regards,

Where can one find the contact for Tricare Dental?

I would like to enroll in the Delta Dental Insurance for retired Military?

Medical insurance in the air force?

Medical insurance throughout all branches (Army, Air Force, Marines and Navy) is covered by Tricare. Then depending on your status would depend on what type of coverage would be given to you and your dependents (i.e., active duty = Tricare Prime or retired and collecting SSI = Tricare for Life). Currently, Tricare is contracted to Humana and Health Net but by sometime next year it will be contracted to Aetna and Humana.

Does Tricare cover tubal ligation for a dependent?

Yes, as long as you are under Tricare of any form(prime, standard, life). Tricare should cover it 100%.

What kind of services are available through Tricare Prime?

Tricare Prime is a healthcare providing service. The services that they offer include health care benefits, vision, dental and pharmacy prescriptions.

Why are retired military required to go on medicare at age 65?

so that TriCare doesn't have to be the primary insurer

What was the Tricare health care program formerly known as?

Tricare is a health care program for active and retired uniformed service members and their families. It was formerly known as Civilian Health and Medical Program for the Uniformed Services, (CHAMPA), which was fully implemented into Tricare by May 1997.

What health care plan do active duty military members have?

For the most part active duty service members have military medical care in military facilities. Under certain circumstances the military pays civilian medical facilities to provide care to active duty service members. The families of active duty military personnel have a health care plan called TRICARE Prime which is similar to an HMO. Active duty service members and their dependents do not pay premiums for health care or prescription medications. Retired service members and their dependents also have military medical care and TRICARE available to them, but must pay premiums for TRICARE Prime. TRICARE Standard, which is a cost sharing plan, is also available to retired service members and their dependents. Once service members and their spouses turn 65 years of age and are covered by Medicare, TRICARE for Life acts as supplemental insurance for Medicare. Premiums for Medicare, Part B now vary by income.