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uhh well everyone has lymph nodes....they're parts of your lymphatic system....but you can get a lymph disease, like mono.

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Q: Can you get a lymp node from kissing?
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What is right lower paratracheal lymp nodemildly hypermetabolic?

hyper-metabolic lymph node?

What structural characteristic ensures a slow flow of lymph through a lymph node?

each lymph node has fewer efferent than afferent vessels, so the lymph flow stagnates somewhat within the node this is important because it allows time for the generation of an immune response and for the macrophages to remove debris from the lymp before it reenters the blood vascular system

What organ is responsible for filtration on lymp and production of lymphocytes?


What are pains in the Lymp Nodes connected to?

Connected to an antiinflammatory response, which different chemicals are released by human cells and cause the pain and other effects. In general, pain in the lymph nodes indicates your body is fighting an invasion of microorganisms; but painless enlargement in lymph node points towards malignancy.

Where does the lymp rejoin the blood and become part of the plasma?

subclavian veins

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