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No I don't have a kidney infection . Do you?

^^haha nice answer! you can tell if you have a kidney infection if you get severe sharp pains on either side of your back (depending which kidney is infected), the need to urinate a lot more than normal, and sometimes feeling nauseous.

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the answer is yes the kidney infection can go away by using home remedies such as herbs, and drinking lots of fluids........ sometimes the kidney infection can be caused by Mel nutrition and having trouble urinating

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A kidney infection is, in fact, a UTI, but I think you're asking if you can have a kidney infection without earlier warning signs like painful urination and frequency. Yes, that does happen sometimes.

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Q: Can you get a kidney infection without a uti?
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An example of an upper UTI?

Kidney infection is an example of an upper UTI. Lower UTIs include the urethra and bladder.

Why you going to pee again and again and still have pressure?

You probably have a urinary tract infection (UTI), probably bladder UTI. Go to the doctor, or it can cause a kidney infection.

What are the differences between the upper and lower uti?

Lower UTI refers to urethra, bladder, and prostate in males Upper UTI refers to kidneys (pyelonephritis- infection of the kidney)

What are the chief differences between an upper and lower UTI?

Lower UTI refers to urethra, bladder, and prostate in males Upper UTI refers to kidneys (pyelonephritis- infection of the kidney)

Uti blood spotting light period back ache or kidney ache?

Kidney infection. Painful urination, cloudy urine, pain around waistline, blood in urine. Definitely a kidney infection.

Do you get smelly wee in pregnancy?

You can but it's usually a sign of infection. You should see your Dr and get tested for UTI or blatter/ kidney infection.

If you have only one kidney and you get a urinary tract infection?

Yes. A urinary tract infection (UTI) is in the urinary tract, the passage to the outside of the body. If it gets bad enough, it can spread to the kidney.

Frequent peeing and an empty stomach pain like feeling what might this be?

diabetes you could have a UTI (urinary tract infection ) or if your female you could be pregnant galbladder infection or kidney infection

What has the symptoms of a UTI but is not a UTI?

Sometimes a kidney stone can give off the same symptoms such as burning and pain. Also you can have a bladder infection as well that can also present some of the same symptoms.

What are the ailment of the excretory system?

Some ailments of the excretory system are: 1) Nephritis 2) Bladder Cancer 3) Kidney Failure 4) UTI( Urinary Tract Infection) 5) Kidney Cancer

Pain in bladder having to pee a lot pressure on bladder burning sensation when peeing?

that sounds like A UTI, you should go see a doctor!

I had a UTI a few months back and i got Medication it went away but now i have a goat cheese looking discharge and an occasional smell could it be a UTI again or a yeast infection or other?

It depends on where the discharge is coming from. If you are male and the discharge is coming from your penis I would venture to guess you have a UTI and quite probably a kidney infection. If you are female and the discharge is coming from your meatus (where urine comes out)...then again, I'd say chances are high that you have another UTI or probably a kidney infection. If the discharge is from your vagina then it most likely is yeast. Either way, you should see a doctor immediately.