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YES! you can get high off tramadol you just take about five or 6 of em and ur gone but if you want to "sniff" it only takes two, but far warning kinda burns a lil bit for bout 2 mins or so but its worth trust me i did it while i was writing this :]

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Q: Can you get a high off ultram eurphoria?
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What states classify ultram as narcotic?

Almost all sates classify Ultram as Narcotic. This is the off band of Tramadol.

Does sniffing ultram get you high?

yeah google it and read up about it ..

What over the counter medicine will give eurphoria feeling?


Is ultram good for a toothache?

No, it eases it slightly but not completely. Barely takes the edge off.

Will ultram stop methadone withdrawl symptmoms?

DO NOT TAKE ULTRAM/TRAMADOL WHILE ON, OR COMING OFF OF METHADONE! You can, and probably will have a Grand Mal Seizure (Which is Very Bad)! How do I know this? It happened to me 3 times! I finally found out from my Methadone clinic that you can't mix the 2, or take Ultram while coming off of Methadone. It is a HORRIBLE experience! Please heed my advice! You can DIE!

Will Ultram show up as Ultram on a urine test?

it will show up as a mild opiate but they have to be looking for ultram in the urine.

Does Ultram show up in a urine test?

No, ultram will not show up in a urine test. Ultram is a prescription medicine given by a licensed doctor .

Will you test pos for opiates while taking ultram?

No, Ultram is not a narcotic. You still may test positive for Ultram, but it will not show up as an opiate.

Is sweating a major side effect from ultram?

Is sweating a major side effect from ultram?

Will using ultram make you positive for cocaine usage?

Ultram is non narcotic... so No =)

Can you take ultram with suboxone?

I tried to take Ultram after I was dosed down off of Suboxone. The Ultram had absolutely no effect for about a month after my I took the last Suboxone (I was persistent!). I think it's the naloxone in the Suboxone that blocks you from getting pain relief, or a high feeling. Also, once I finally began to feel some effect from the Ultram, it was alot duller and less effective than when I was taking it prior to Suboxone treatment.

Can you take Aleve with ultram?

If ultram isn't ridding you of your pain aleve certainly will not help. I was on ultram for eight years and it worked for mild pain. I've taken Aleve a few times and it did absolutely nothing. But to answer your question I can take aleve with ultram with no problem.