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Yes. Many women can achieve orgasms from fondling their breasts and stimulating their nipples. (In order to orgasm in this way, women generally need to stimulate their nipples systematically). Some say it often produces a very 'hard' orgasm.

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Q: Can you ejaculate from rubbing your breasts?
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Can a guy ejaculate from his butt?

Yes, you can ejaculate by rubbing the prostate gland which is reachable through the anus.

If Rubbing toothpaste on breasts is the way to grow them?

No, of course not!

Will rubbing sperm on my breasts make them bigger?

No, definitely not hahah

What does massage your breasts mean?

just rubbing your boobs around and feeling them

Where should you ejaculate on your partner?

Well start for the mouth and then have her rub it into her breasts that's hot...then have her lick it off youre finger

What if you get horny from rubbing your breasts?

Thats completely normal. Many women get turned on by this and can even achieve orgasm.

Is rubbing on your breast good?

Rubbing or massaging your breasts will help loosen the muscles and help quicken blood flow, which will help them grow. This is good for them, and will help them get larger and healther

How can you put your penis between a girl's breasts?

If she has her top off, you could drag your penis down her cleavage. You could press her breasts together as you work your penis through the cleavage. And if that arouses you to ejaculation, you could release your ejaculate wherever she likes - perhaps on the breasts or her face if she is into that.

DO breasts have nerves?

Yess they have many nerves, you can get orgasm from man rubbing you nipples and massaging your boobs for long enough

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They have a prostate gland, a pair of testicles, a penis and the ability to ejaculate. They are men who are taking female hormones.

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face, breasts, lower back, on/in ass, stomach, mouth. these are the main places depending on what kind of sex theyr having

Started to get back into the sex scene and dont know where women like men to ejaculate. Where is it okay to ejaculate you dont want anger girl by ejaculating on her breasts or face or mouth?

In a condom....or ask her she would prefere u to be polite i asked my girl.