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Yes, you can eat a lemon a day while taking warfarin. The biggest thing to consider is how much vitamin-K a fruit or vegetable contains. Keep in mind that consistency is the key when maintaining a good INR.

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Do lime interfere with. Cumadin?

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Q: Can you eat one lemon a day while on warfarin?
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Yes, you can.

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The recommendation is to eat a balanced diet from day to day. Eating foods high in Vit K, like sauerkraut, can increase the effect of Warfarin, thus causing an increase in bleeding which could potentially cause hemorrhage. Common places of hemorrhage that could be lethal are in your brain and stomach. The above statement is false, and needs to be removed! Foods high in vitamin K, like sauerkraut, can REDUCE the effect of Warfarin, thus increasing the risk of blood clots and a lower INR. Very few foods INCREASE the effect of Warfarin. Anyone on Warfarin (I have been for years) needs to be aware that the answer above is completely false! Foods high in vitamin K will reduce the effect of Warfarin!

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Since beetroot only contains a small amount of vitamin K, you can eat it whilst taking warfarin. However, you should not eat beet greens as these are high in vitamin K.

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Everything!! Apart from cranberries, liqourice and grapefruit :)

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