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Taking care of your elderly parents should be considered a labor of love, a way of paying back for some of their efforts to raise you. After all, they gave you the gift of life. Wat little they may ask in return for taking care of them in their time of need is minimal in retrospect?

A question you could ask yourself: What would you want your own children to do if you were in the same place your elderly parents are now? Would you only want them to get their money and run? I hope not. It is not about the money. I hope that you see that. Please find a way of embracing this special occasion and offer to do whatever you can for your elderly parents for free.

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Q: Can you earn money for taking care of your elderly parents?
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Is there a state program for taking care of elderly parents?

Your parents' State agency on aging likely has a program to provide in-home care for elderly persons who otherwise would require nursing home care. The program is means tested.

What is the name of the song about how parents took care of their children when they were little and now the parents are elderly and the children takes care of them?

Martina Mcbride- she's somebody's hero Is about a little girl and her mom...she ends up taking care of her in the end

Are there any websites or books with good info or advice on caring for elderly parents?

There is one book called caring for elderly parents on amazon it cost about $5.00 used and $40.00 new there is also a good website on how to care for elderly parents called

Who can benefit from telecommuting?

Telecommuting provides opportunities for new parents, physically challenged individuals, the elderly, people living in remote locations, and individuals taking care of housebound persons to join or remain in the workforce.

Who is caring for the elderly?

Elderly care can be provided by family members, professional caregivers, assisted living facilities, nursing homes, or community programs. The specifics of who cares for the elderly depend on individual circumstances such as health needs, financial resources, and available support systems.

Why do some adults live with their parents?

Some adults live with their parents because the parents are elderly and need care. Some adults live with their parents because they are not able to financially provide for themselves. It may also be because living with their parents enables the adult to save money for a down payment on their own house.

Problems with having an aging population in an MEDC?

more elderly people means: less jobs, more people too old to work, which causes the government to gain less money. elderly people need medical care, so government spends more money to care for growing elderly population more taxes to help supply the medical care for the growing elderly population high dependency rate

Need in home care for my father with Alzheimer's. Where should I go for help.?

There are many people and places that help ot with taking care of an elderly person.

Is the money for the foster parents or the child in foster care?

The money is to cover the expenses for the child but it's the foster parents that manage the money.

Do young parents learn responsibility of taking care of a baby?


Who ought to take care of the old?

Taking care of the elderly is a collective responsibility. Families, communities, and governments all have roles to play in providing support and care for older adults. Collaboration among these different entities is essential to ensure the well-being and dignity of the elderly population.

I am looking for an doctor who specializes in the eldrly?

Specialised care for the elderly parents can be obtained at