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Q: Can you drink yourself to death in one sitting?
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How many cups of decaff tea is okay to drink in a day?

it does not matter as long as you don't drink at least over five in one sitting- depending on the cup size. you don't want to drown yourself.

If you were a 90 pound pop-drinking leech how many 12 ounce cans of soda pop could you drink in one sitting?

hello sir i would drink about three cases of ful strengh coke in one sitting. can anbody beet that record.

Can a camel drink 190 liters of water in one sitting?

That depends on whether it has taken a pee lately.

What would happen if you do more then 5 grams of cocaine In one sitting but stop use after that?

you die from death

Does Drinking different types of alcohol at one sitting will make you more intoxicated than drinking one type of alcohol?

No - it's how much you drink, not what kind.

What if you want to drink but you keep yourself from doing so could you be an alcoholic?

If you do not drink you cannot be an alcoholic. The term "alcoholic" refers to one who cannot control his/her drinking habits. By keeping yourself from drinking, you refrain from becoming and alcoholic.

One strategy in a sensible weight management plan is?

Don't starve yourself to death.

What are some of the causes and effects of AMP energy drink?

well on one hand if you have one you can get really energized. but if you drink too many in one sitting it could be enough to kill you. I met someone whose son died from having too many AMP drinks at once.

Who is sitting with you?

no one, i am sitting alone

How much do adult elephants drink water?

Elephants drink a lot of water. They can suck up around 15 litres of water in their trunk in one go. During hot summers they can drink around 100 litres or more water in one sitting. They usually stay close to water sources like lakes and rivers and drink once or twice a day.

How many vice presidents succeded the president and why?

As of 2017, nine have ascended to the presidency. Eight were due to the death of the sitting president, and one was after a resignation.

Can you run from death?

No one can run from death. You can try-- but you'll only exhaust yourself when you could be setting your life in order. People who think they can outrun death will find only clouds beneath their feet one day.