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NO! Bleach is a poison that if you drink it it will eat up your stomach. If anyone has ingest bleach should call 911 or the poison control center.

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You would have to be very precise in how you mixed it. Too much, and you'll fall ill. Way too much, and you could die.

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Q: Can you drink water treated with bleach?
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What are four steps of treating water?

step one: get some bleach. step two: find out how much water you need treated. step three: pour the correct amount of bleach in the water. step four: wait about an hour to thirty minutes. step five: drink the fresh water. it will say everything on the directions; maybe. and let it sit in the sun.

How much bleach should be put in 1500 gallon water tank to keep clean?

You should never put bleach in water to keep it clean. You can not drink water with bleach and it and any other living thing in it will die.

Will bleach clean your urine of crack cocaine if you drink it?

No. The only thing that cleans your system is time, and lots of water. Bleach can kill you if you drink it. Nor do any of the "drug flushes" work. Do what you have to do to avoid the test for at least four days.

Is there water in bleach?

If you mean for drinking water then, NO WAY! you can't drink bleach. You can use old water for almost everything. There is no real need to put bleach in water.

What are two solutions that you can drink?

You can drink any liquid solution, just depends on what results you want. Water would be good, bleach would be bad.Two solutions that you can drink safely (bleach would likely kill you) would be sugar water and small amounts of vinegar. Pure water technically isn't a solution.

Is using bleach to clean pots and pans harmful?

Not if you clean the pot thoroughly and don't drink the water.

If you treat water with bleach can you drink it?

No, it is not safe to drink water treated with bleach. While bleach can disinfect water by killing bacteria and viruses, it can be harmful if ingested in high concentrations. It's important to use approved water treatment methods and follow appropriate guidelines for making water safe to drink.

Can you leave bleach on the porch boards?

The strength of the bleach will lessen the longer it remains on the porch. Wash with water if you have animals likely to walk over the treated area as soon as possible.

Does water have to be processed before we drink it if so how is it processed?

it's not processed, it is filtered and or treated. There are many different ways to filter water. And you can drink straight from spring water.

What substance can be used to kill germs in water?

Chlorine is commonly used to kill germs in water as it is an effective disinfectant. Other substances such as iodine, hydrogen peroxide, and UV light can also be used to kill germs in water.

Is spring water safe to drink straight from the lake?

spring water is usually (not always) safe to drink without being treated.

Don't drink bleach.?

A person should never drink bleach. People or animals don't drink bleach because it's incredibly poisonous and is very acidic. If a person does ingest bleach, they should get help immediately or they will surely die.