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yes . its what people normally do

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Q: Can you drink milk and eat fish?
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What happens if you eat fish and drink milk?

Nothing will happen if you eat fish and drink milk. There is an old wives tale that these two will create a dangerous chemical reaction. It is not true.

In 1930s they didn't eat fish and drink milk do you know why?

in the 1930 people drank milk and ate fish the same as they do now.

How do penguins drink?

Penguins usually drink the milk from their family's father or their mate's pouch that they have in their throat and drink that kind of the same way they eat.

What do polar bear babies eat?

baby polar bears don't eat they drink their mothers milk.

Can you eat fish after drinking milk?

Yes it is perfectly fine to drink milk after eating fish. The two foods do not have harmful interactions.

Do Hindu's drink milk or eat eggs?

'''yes they can drink milk but cannot eat eggs'''

What happens when you eat sea food with milk?

yes its ok to drink milk, you have most likely heard its bad to drink milk with seafood this is a big mith most sea food is made with milk tons of itits fine

What might make a cat recoil?

cats drink alot of milk and eat fish and when it goes into their stomach it make them recoil

What do dophins drink?

water Whales and dolphins do not drink water like we do. They get all the nutrients needed including liquid in the food that they eat.

Why do cows eat milk?

Cows do not eat (nor drink) milk. They drink water and eat forages like grass, hay, silage and grains.

Do fish drink milk from their mothers?

No. Fish have no delivery system for nourishing their young.

Can you drink milk after eating shrimp?

Yes. There is no reason you cant drink milk after you eat shrimp! You can drink milk while your eating your shrimp too!!!!