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Q: Can you drink it a day before the testThe strip?
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Why do I pee 15 times in a day?

Drink a lot of liquid the day before.

Why does your mouth feel dry?

Your body is dehydrated. Be sure to drink plenty of water, gatorade, juice ect. for the the day before and the the day of your race. Starting to Drink right before the race is to late; start the day before by carrying a water bottle with you and sip from it throughout the day. Try to drink at least 2-3 bottles, the day before in addition to your regular fluid consumption. You'll know when you have had enough to drink when your urine is pale yellow to clear.

What day of the year do people drink more alcohol on New Year's Eve or the day before thanksgiving?

day before thanksgiving

What if had to take strip before your drug test and your drug test got cancel can you still take your drug test the next day and it still work?

it may and it may not because if you drink alot of water it will be flushed from your system but if you dont it will still be there

How long before should I drink pineapple juice?

You should drink it in moderation or you will be running to toilet all day

What is molina mean in hawaiian?

In Hawaiian, "molina" translates to "molinā", which means "morning", particularly referring to the time of day before sunrise.

If i drink 6 beers how long will it be before i blow clean?

if you drink 6 beers, you will blow clean the next day.

What kind drink should you drink the day before a football game?

you should always have at least 3 bottles of lucazede

How much water should drink in a day before football?

8 glasses

How do you get rid of strip throat?

drink herbal tea eat hot soup gargal salt water and get lots of rest also chew parsley leaves!!!!!!

How many times can you drink your pee before you die?

How many time can I drink my own urine before it becomes poison

How much water do you have to drink to rehydrate?

1-3 days. usually when its hot, its recommended that you drink the night before to avoid dehydration the following day.