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To be honest with you, that is not a very smart choice. A nice, cool glass of water with some crackers will be good. I say crackers so that eating medication on a empty stomach results in some stomachaches and other unecceasary side effects.

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Q: Can you drink a glass of wine when taking medication?
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Is it ok to drink a glass of wine when taking diuretics?

Every time you take medication is best not to comsume alcohol of any type as it may have a severe reaction with the medication.

When taking 0.5 mg of lorazepam can you drink two glasses of wine?

You should never drink wine with medication, whatever your medication!

Can you drink a glass of wine while taking besavance?


Can you drink a glass of wine when you are taking vitamins?

You pass out drunk

Is it bad to drink two glasses of wine whilst taking nitrofurantoin medication?


If you drink a glass of wine after taking your Birth Control pill will your pill work properly?

It will.

Can you take methatrexate and have a glass of wine?

It is recommended you drink no more than 4 units of alcohol a week when taking methatrexate. This is due ti the medication interacting with alcohol in your liver and causing damage.

Can you drink a glass of wine if you are taking celebrex?

Alcohol combined with Celebrex can increase your risk of stomach bleeding

Can you have a glass of wine with dinner taking amoxicillin-pot clavul?

Alcohol decreases the effectiveness of antibiotics. A glass of wine should not cause any adverse reactions to the medication, but may hinder its ability to work to its fullest potential. Angie RN

How do you drink white zinenfindel?

Chilled and in a wine glass.

Can you take flexeril with wine?

is it dangerous to drink wine when taking Flexeril

Would it be all right to have a small glass of wine?

Depends on the day you've had.Also depends on your medical conditions, medication you might be taking, and whether or not you might be an alcoholic! There are many reasons NOT to have even a small glass of alcohol.