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No, unless they carry a disease. Leeches just suck your blood it it reaches your skin.

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Q: Can you die if you eat leeches?
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Can chickens eat leeches?

it can eat you

Do leeches eat leeches?

Leeches are from the subclass Hirudinea and a kind of segmented worm but differ in significant ways. Leeches eat a prey on small invertebrates, and they use their interior suckers to feed on their host.

What does the leech eat?

Leeches eat blood.

Do seagulls eat leeches?

No they do not.

Do pike eat leeches?


Can leeches leech off of leeches?

No, it would be cool if they could though! ;) Some leeches are known to eat earthworms whole though...

Do moles eat leeches?

No they dont because they just dont eat thembut leeches live on the moles hair if you dont clean them!!

What type of food does a horse leeches eat?

Horse Leeches eat snails, Lavae, worms and small insects :) as far as I know.

How do leeches die?

Pour salt on it

What do Verreaux's sifakas eat?

leeches fruit

What part of the food chain is the leach?

Ducks eat Leeches. Leeches eat Aquatic Insects and Slugs. Aquatic Insects and Slugs eat Aquatic pants.

What will happen if you eat a dozen of leeches?

The stomach acid will kill the leeches if chewing them doesn't kill them off.